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sil10-4962-32a.jpgHistory of the sewing machine


The Servant in the House: A Brief History of the Sewing Machine


This page is provided for your reference and includes a Directory of Industrial Sewing Machine Dealers and Vendors from around the world

Garment Production Machines: includes Lockstitch, Flatbed-Single or Double Needle Lockstitch and Cylinder Arm Lockstitch.

Leather & Heavy Needle Work Machines: includes Lockstitch / Chainstitch / Chainlock, Flatbed-Single or Double Needle, Cylinder Arm , Feed off the arm, Feed up the arm, and Post Bed machines.

Heavy Duty Zig-Zag Machines: includes Lockstitch and Zig-Zag. Used for sails, tents, tarps, shoes and webbing.

Embroidery & Monogramming Machines: includes Chain Stitch, Top Feed and Zig-Zag Monogramming.

Sergers: includes Three Thread, Four Thread (Mock Safety) and Five Thread (Safety Stitch) and six thread for overcasting edges.

Blindstitch Machines: includes One or Two Thread Blindstitch (Blindstitch and Lockstitch Blindstitch).

Automated Machines and Equipment: includes Pocket Welters, Pocket Sewers, Automobile airbags and more .

Special Purpose Machines: includes Hat Machines, Bag Closers, Chainlock and Multi-needle Machines, tube sewing equipment, vascular, endovascular equipment.

Sew Fine, LLC: Hand crafted sewing equipment for class 3 medical devices:


Button Machines: includes Button Sewers, Tackers and Buttonhole Machines.

Feed Off the Arm & Coverstitch Machines: includes Flatlock, Feed Off the Arm and Coverstitch Machines.

Carpet Serging, Binding and Cutting Machines: includes Binders, Fringers, Sergers, Carvers, Cutters and Bevelers.

Quilting Machines


Textile Measuring, Inspecting, Slitter and Baloney Cutting, & Folding Equipment

Finishing Machines: Irons, Steam Presses, Air Finishers, etc.


Cutting Room Supplies & Equipment: Cutting Machines, Tables, Spreaders, CADs & Slitters, etc.

PARTS: New and used parts for sewing machines and industrial equipment.



 Electrical systems: Overhead electrification systems for industrial sewing equipment.

HOME USE MACHINES: For Sewing, Serging.


Dealers and Vendors are arranged alphabetically. Please press on any letter to jump directly to that section of the alphabet, or scroll down until desired position is reached.


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